Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen
October 1, 1943 - November 21, 1945
VMB-613 Insignia


This website is the property of the Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen Association.  Its purpose is to provide a readily accessible source of information to the public on the history and activities of our squadron and its members during the Second World War.

Our website became operational on January 2, 2004.  Through the efforts of many contributors, it has significantly grown in content and in popularity among our visitors on the Internet.  The website is hosted through the generosity of Lloyd Khan, president of LK & Associates and currently consists of approximately 780 pages of text, photographs and official Marine Corps reports.  The current design of the site was accomplished through a template provided free of charge by Interspire Proprietary, Limited.  The primary colors used, scarlet and gold, are the same as the official colors of the United States Marine Corps, while the blue background represents the naval tradition associated with Marines.

Operational cognizance of the website is the responsibility of our Webmaster and Squadron Historian, Robert J. Yanacek.  A brief biography is provided at the following link:  Webmaster & Historian

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