Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen
October 1, 1943 - November 21, 1945
VMB-613 Insignia


This section provides a complete unit history of Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen from its commissioning on October 1, 1943 through its decommissioning on November 21, 1945.  A unit chronology is provided below.  Subsequent sub-sections provide detailed history and information, and may be accessed by clicking on any date in this chronology.

October 1, 1943 - Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen (VMB-613) is commissioned at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, North Carolina.  The senior officer,  Captain Robert C. Woten, assumes command.

November 16, 1943 - Major Harry F. Baker Jr. assumes command of VMB-613.

January 23, 1944 - VMB-613 suffers its only non-combat related fatality when Private First Class John D. Sintich is struck by the propeller of a taxiing single-engine aircraft.

February 26, 1944 - VMB-613 is re-assigned to Naval Air Station (NAS) Boca Chica, Florida for torpedo training.

February 29,1944 - Major Baker is forced to ditch his aircraft, Bureau Number 35047, due to a mechanical problem.  Major Baker is seriously injured in the landing and Major George W. Nevils assumes command.

March 22, 1944 - Having completed torpedo training, VMB-613 returns to MCAS Cherry Point.

April 1, 1944 - VMB-613 is detached from MAG-61 per Group General Order 1-1944.

April 2, 1944 - VMB-613 is attached to MAG-62.

June 30, 1944 - Major George W. Nevils is appointed as commanding officer.

August 3, 1944 - VMB-613 changes station to Marine Corps Auxiliary Air Field (MCAAF) Newport, Arkansas.

October 1, 1944 - The squadron's Table of Organization is brought up to full strength.  All 15 PBJ-1Hs have been received from the modification centers. 

October 14, 1944 - In preparation for deployment to the Pacific, all air operations cease.

October 21, 1944 - Air echelon departs MCAAF Newport for NAS North Island, California.  Ground echelon departs MCAAF Newport for Marine Corps Air Depot (MCAD) Miramar, California.

October 22, 1944 - Air echelon arrives at NAS North Island.

October 25, 1944 - Ground echelon arrives at MCAD Miramar.

October 30, 1944 - Air echelon departs for Pearl Harbor, Hawaiian Territory aboard the USS Tulagi.

November 5, 1944 - Air echelon arrives at Pearl Harbor and is stationed at MCAS Ewa.

November 22, 1944 - Ground echelon departs for Pearl Harbor aboard the USAT George W. Julian.

December 3, 1944 - Ground echelon arrives and joins the air echelon at Pearl Harbor.

December 10, 1944 - Ground echelon departs Pearl Harbor for Kwajalein, Marshall Islands aboard the USAT Julian.  The first section of the air echelon begins the flight from Pearl Harbor to Kwajalein via Palmyra, Canton, Funafuti, Tarawa, and Majuro.

December 11, 1944 - The second section of the air echelon begins the flight from Pearl Harbor to Kwajalein via the same route as the first section.

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