Radio-Radar Photograph

Radio-Radar - Seated (L-R) Sergeant Rabon  A. Hargrove, Staff Sergeant Wilbur H. Watson, Technical Sergeant Verl A. Scott, Staff Sergeant Samuel H. Sommers, Staff Sergeant Marvin H. Sagehorn, and Staff Sergeant John E. Halligan, Jr.  Middle Row (L-R) - Staff Sergeant Frank J. Carthey, Master Technical Sergeant Henry M. Stonestreet, Jr., Master Technical Sergeant James D. Garls, Master Technical Sergeant Dale C. Faith, Master Technical Sergeant Henry L. Williams, Technical Sergeant Bertram H. Bader, and Technical Sergeant Richard S. Edgerton.  Back Row (L-R) - Sergeant Louis H. Ramsey, Staff Sergeant John M. Kennedy, Staff Sergeant Frederick R. Slinkard, Staff Sergeant James H. Williams, Jr., Staff Sergeant Maxwell E. Cobbey, Staff Sergeant James H. Wilkins, and Technical Sergeant Michael W. McLaughlin. 

Photograph: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.  Contact:

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