Engineering Specialists Photograph

Engineering Specialists - Front (L-R) Staff Sergeant Bernard C. Simek, Staff Sergeant Edward J. Smith, Sergeant Alfred T. Apple, Unidentified, Staff Sergeant Lester J. Russell, and Sergeant Roger C. Sprague.  Middle (L-R) - Private First Class Joseph F. McDonald Jr., Sergeant Eldridge H. Hudspeth, Unidentified, Master Technical Sergeant William F. Mathews, Master Technical Sergeant Robert T. Kollmar, Sergeant Chester Gorecki, Sergeant Theodore J. Kowalczyk, and Staff Sergeant Charles W. Sharpe.  Back (L-R) - Technical Sergeant Harold J. Workman, Corporal Jack Willadsen, Staff Sergeant Troy R. Goldsmith, Staff Sergeant James W. Squire, Technical Sergeant Robert E. Rudewick, Staff Sergeant John W. Mallard, Staff Sergeant Charles A. Teerkes, and Sergeant Harry E. Skrzypek. 

Photograph: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.  Contact:

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