Chili Williams Visits the Officers' Club Photograph

During her visit to Kwajalein, Chili Williams, "The Polka Dot Girl," and Broadway actress, Mary Ann McCarthy drop in for a visit at VMB-613's Officers Club.  Those pictured are: Front Row (L-R) - First Lieutenant Louis Calder Jr., First Lieutenant James L.V. Newman, Unidentified, First Lieutenant William H. Twohy, and Major David M. Danser;  Middle Row (L-R) - Unidentified Female, Mary Ann McCarthy, Unidentified Female, First Lieutenant Van Buren Nixon, Unidentified Female, Unidentified Female, First Lieutenant Robert J. Kline, Chili Williams, and Unidentified Army Major (he crashed the party);  Back Row (L-R) - First Lieutenant James R. Edmunds III, and First Lieutenant Arthur H. Navarre.

Photograph: Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen (via Charles F. Knapp)

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