Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen
October 1, 1943 - November 21, 1945
VMB-613 Insignia


The following Marines and Navy Personnel served with Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen: 

Name Rank Specialty Number Description
Abernethy Jr., Otis E. Staff Sergeant Turret Mechanic, Aircraft
Abraham, Joseph H. Private First Class Mechanic, Aircraft
Abrams, George H. Sergeant Major Sergeant Major
Acedo, Oscar M. Private First Class Basic
Acker, Frank E. Staff Sergeant Torpedoman, Aircraft
Ackerman, Thomas A. Staff Sergeant Mechanic, Aircraft
Adams, Leonard J. Corporal Warehouseman
Adkins, Theodore E. Private First Class Mechanic-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Agdanowski, Adrian A. Staff Sergeant Operations Clerk, Aviation
Akerman, Robert C. Private First Class Carpenter, General
Akins, Louis Private First Class Basic
Alderman, Darrel W. Sergeant Radio-Gunner, Aviation
Alexander, Clifford P. Technical Sergeant Navigator
Alford Jr., William S. Corporal Armorer-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Ali, Frank J. Corporal Mechanic, Aircraft
Allen, Dexter G. Staff Sergeant Awaiting Assignment
Allen, Edward W. Corporal Mechanic-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Allen, George L.F. First Lieutenant Pilot
Allen, James E. Corporal Truck Driver, Heavy
Allfie, Oscar C. Corporal Armorer-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Alling, Edwin S. Staff Sergeant Armorer-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Amber, Eugene L. First Lieutenant Pilot
Anderson, Homer J. Staff Sergeant Mechanic-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Anderson, John W. Corporal Mechanic, Aircraft
Anderson, Kermit E. Private First Class Carpenter, General
Anderson, Robert J. Master Technical Sergeant Naval Aviation Pilot
Appel, Paul A. Corporal Radio-Gunner, Aviation
Apple, Alfred T. Sergeant Metalsmith, Aviation
Arant, Hugh D. Second Lieutenant Pilot
Armendinger, Edward W. Private Basic
Arndt, Alfred G. Sergeant Mechanic, Aircraft
Atkin, William F. Sergeant Mechanic, Aircraft
Augustine, Robert J. Staff Sergeant Construction Chief
Ayers Jr., Sturgeon T. Private First Class Message Center Man
Aymen, John J. Staff Sergeant Armorer-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Bader, Bertram H. Technical Sergeant Airborne Radar Technician
Badour, Lawrence H. Sergeant Radio-Gunner, Aviation
Bailey, Francis Corporal Armorer-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Bailey, Harlan E. Private Basic
Baker Jr., Harry F. Major Pilot & Commanding Officer
Baker, Harold W. Corporal Armorer-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Baker, James A. Sergeant Navigator-Bombardier
Barber, William N. First Lieutenant Navigator
Barci, Casimir L. Staff Sergeant Mechanic, Aircraft
Barnes, Harold E. Sergeant Mechanic-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Barnett, Albert Technical Sergeant Mechanic, Aircraft
Barth, George S. Private Navigator
Bartholomew Jr., Emmit S. Corporal Awaiting Assignment
Bartlett, George L. Sergeant Navigator-Bombardier
Bartolillo, Herny T. Corporal Armorer-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Barton, Jack M. First Lieutenant Pilot & Parachute Officer
Bashore, John C. Sergeant Mechanic-Turret Gunner, Aviation
Bass, Clifford N. Private First Class Guard

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