Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen
October 1, 1943 - November 21, 1945
VMB-613 Insignia


Marine Fighting Squadron Five-Thirty-One (VMF(N)-531) - A site dedicated to the men of the "Gray Ghosts."  Initially commissioned as a night-fighter squadron, VMF(N)-531 operated twin-engine PV-1s in the Pacific during the Second World War.  In later years it was re-designated as VMFA-531 and served with distinction in the skies over Vietnam.  Click on the VMFA-531 insignia to access this website.

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Marine Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron One-Fifty-Four (VMD-154) - This site provides detailed information and many never before seen photographs of the squadron and its men.  VMD-154 operated the four-engine PB4Y-1 aircraft from the Solomon Islands and conducted numerous missions throughout the South and Central Pacific.   Click on the VMD-154 insignia to access this website.

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Marine Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron Three-Fifty-Four (VMD-354) - A site providing a wealth of information and numerous photographs of the squadron.  VMD-354 initially flew four-engine PB4Y-1 aircraft then transitioned to F6Fs before being deployed to the Central Pacific in 1945.  Click on the VMD-354 insignia to access this website.

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The links below serve as excellent sources of information and current events on locations in the central pacific that were located within VMB-613's area of operations.

Abara Banaba - This site provides a wealth of historical information and current events of the Banaban community on Banaba Island (formerly known as Ocean Island), and on their settlement at Rabi, Fiji.  Learn about the Banaban peoples' plight, and their efforts to save their identity and homeland.  Click on the Abara Banaba logo to access this website.

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Yokwe Online: Everything Marshall Islands - Learn about current events in the Marshall Islands or browse their collection of links on Marshallese history, arts, culture, social issues, and much more.  Click on the Yokwe Online logo to access this website.

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The following links, although not related to World War II, serve as excellent sources of information on the Marine Corps.

Ears Open, Eyeball Click - A movie that captures life in basic training for the Marine with incredible clarity.  Click on the Ears Open, Eyeballs Click logo to access this website and learn more about this movie.

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Together We Served - A unique, feature-rich resource helping Marines stay faithful to the Brotherhood of the Corps by re-connecting with lost Brothers, sharing memories, and telling their Marine Story.  Access is restricted to Marines, and Navy personnel who served with Marine units.  Click on the Together We Served banner to access this website.

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