Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen
October 1, 1943 - November 21, 1945
VMB-613 Insignia


Throughout the years the PBJ-1 has been a rather obscure but rewarding subject for modelers to construct.  In recent years with the advent of computer technology and flight simulation software, PBJs are also taking to the air once again in cyberspace.  Below are the results of a number these efforts.


Leon Marker PBJ-1H Model Thumbnail Image Dennis Sparks PBJ-1H Model Thumbnail Image Michael Taylor PBJ-1D Model Thumbnail Image

PBJ-1H by Leon Marker

PBJ-1H by Dennis Sparks

PBJ-1D by Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor PBJ-1H Model Thumbnail Image Scott Pederson PBJ-1J Model Thumbnail Image Ralph Gimenez PBJ-1H Flight SimulatorAircraft Thumbnail Image

PBJ-1H by Michael Taylor

PBJ-1J by Scott Pederson

PBJ-1H by Ralph Gimenez

Evan Butterbrodtz PBJ-1C Flight SimulatorAircraft Thumbnail Image Tory Mucaro PBJ-1H Model Thumbnail Image Rene Hieronymus' Diorama of PBJ Shipping Attack Thumbnail Image

PBJ-1 by Evan Butterbrodt

MB-6 by Tory Mucaro

Diorama by Rene Hieronymus

Rene Hieronymus' Diorama of PBJ Maintenance Thumbnail Image Tory Mucaro PBJ-1H Model Thumbnail Image Jonathan Charles PBJ-1H Flight SimulatorAircraft Thumbnail Image

Diorama by Rene Hieronymus

 MB-11 by Tory Mucaro

PBJ-1H by Jonathan Charles 

Our most sincere appreciation is extended to those who have submitted these photographs.  Through their efforts, they have become a part of the story of our squadron.

Anyone wishing to submit a photograph of a PBJ-1 for inclusion on this website is encouraged to do so by submitting a JPG via e-mail to:

Please be sure to enclose your name and date so that it can be properly credited.

Attention Modelers:  Looking for special or custom made decals to finish your model aircraft?  Contact Dave Roof at Orion Scale Models and let him know what you require to complete your modeling project.

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