Map of Wotje Atoll

Wotje Atoll Wotje Atoll is located about 164 nautical miles east of Kwajalein and remained under Japanese control until its surrender on September 4, 1945.  Wotje Atoll consists of 72 separate islands, the largest being Wotje Island.  Its lagoon, one of the largest in the Marshall Islands, is approximately 297 square miles in area.  The facilities on Wotje included an airstrip with two runways, two hangars, a seaplane ramp, a service repair area, and a radar installation.  Defenses consisted of typical shore defense weapons located primarily on the ocean side, and anti-aircraft weapons.  Under the command of Captain Yoshimi of the Imperial Japanese Navy, it was garrisoned by approximately 3,300 troops of which only 37 percent survived.    

Map: Office of Planning and Statistics, 1989

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