Map of Ponape Island

Ponape Island Ponape is a mountainous island of volcanic origin located in the East Caroline Islands.  It is 337 nautical miles southwest of Eniwetok Atoll and is roughly 12 miles by 14 miles in size with mountains rising to 2,300 feet.  Receiving over 400 inches of rain per year streams, rivers and waterfalls are abundant throughout the island.  Ponape is surrounded by a coral barrier reef that contains 25 inlets and serves to protect the island, allowing for mangrove swamps on the shore line.  Occupied and fortified by the Japanese with numerous coastal defense and anti-aircraft weapons of all types, its defenses proved to be a formidable challenge to attacking forces.  Also located on the island were  Japanese airstrips at Nan Pohn Mal and Palikir and a seaplane base at one of the barrier islands with a ramp facing the calm water side of the reef.  It remained occupied by the Japanese until it was surrendered on September 11, 1945.        

Map: Office of Planning and Statistics, 1989

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