Aerial Photograph of Nauru Island

Nauru Island    The island of Nauru is part of the Gilbert Island group and is located approximately 400 nautical miles southwest of Tarawa Atoll.  Nauru is a raised  atoll with a surrounding reef that is visible at low tide.  There are no harbor facilities.  Nauru's circumference is roughly 12 miles, giving it a land mass of about eight square miles.  Prior to World War II Nauru was administered by Australia following its seizure from Germany in 1914.  In August 1942 Nauru was occupied by the Japanese who promptly began to exploit Nauru's phosphate mining facilities with Chinese slave labor and native islanders pressed into service.  The Japanese also constructed an airstrip which became operational in 1943.  Nauru was defended with the usual array of coastal defense and dual purpose guns manned by a garrison of about 2,500 men.  Nauru remained occupied until the end of the war.

Map: Jane Resture - Jane Resture's Oceania Page

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