Map of Maloelap Atoll

Maloelap Atoll Maloelap Atoll is located about 226 nautical miles east of Kwajalein and remained under Japanese control until its surrender by Admiral S. Kamada of the Imperial Japanese Navy on September 6, 1945.  The atoll consists of 71 islands the principal of which is Taroa Island, located at the eastern most point.  The facilities on Taroa were extensive and consisted of an airstrip with two runways, 380 buildings, power stations, command and air operations centers, ammunition bunkers, work shops, and a large pier.  Two radar sites were also located on the atoll, and with their 50-mile range they provided a ten-minute warning of impending attack.  Defensive weapons included the standard array of naval costal defense, dual-purpose, and anti-aircraft weapons.  Initially garrisoned by 3,900 troops, only 34 percent survived.    

Map: Office of Planning and Statistics, 1989

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