Map of Eniwetok Atoll

Eniwetok Atoll Eniwetok Atoll lies 330 nautical miles northeast of Kwajalein.  At its widest point the circular lagoon is 17 miles east to west and 21 miles north to south.  The atoll consists of 30 small islands, mostly located on the eastern half of the lagoon.  The main islands are Parry, Engebi, and Eniwetok.  The atoll has two deep-water passages, one north of Parry Island and one at the southern tip of Eniwetok.  These deep water passages and the large lagoon made Eniwetok Atoll and excellent anchorage for the US Navy.  Eniwetok Atoll was initially occupied by the Japanese.  The atoll was invaded and captured by Marines of the 1st Amphibious Brigade during February of 1944.  Following its capture, SeaBees improved the Japanese airstrip on Engebi and constructed a new airstrip for bombers with a 7,000 foot runway on Eniwetok Island.  A temporary cemetery was established on Japtan Island for American casualties.  This is where Private William M. Farley, who was killed on the February 6, 1945 strike over Ponape, was buried.  The airstrip on Eniwetok was frequently used by VMB-613 for strikes and snooper flight over Ponape as well as hunter-killer missions.

Map: Office of Planning and Statistics, 1989

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