Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen
October 1, 1943 - November 21, 1945
VMB-613 Insignia

A VMB-613 PBJ-1H Aircraft - MB-6, The "Love Bug"

PBJ-1H ▪ Bureau Number 35275 ▪ MB-6 of VMB-613 ▪ February 1945

As one of only seven Marine Corps squadrons to utilize the PBJ-1 twin-engine medium bomber against Japanese forces, Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen (VMB-613) operated in the Central Pacific during the last year of the Second World War.

Being the only Marine Corps squadron to employ the cannon-armed PBJ-1H in combat, VMB-613 was trained in anti-shipping operations with a mission to harass and prevent the re-supply of bypassed Japanese forces in the Marshall and Eastern Caroline Islands.  Filled with long monotonous hours of patrol, the Marines of VMB-613 performed their duty in an exemplary manner against a demoralized and increasingly desperate enemy, while maintaining the finest operational safety record of all Marine Bombing Squadrons.  These efforts, of both the aircrews and the ground support personnel, ultimately contributed to the success of American naval operations in the Pacific. 

This is the story of Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen's contribution to victory in the Second World War.

World War II 50th Anniversary - A Grateful Nation Remembers

This website is dedicated to the officers and men of Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen who, as group of young men, served as Marines with the belief of Semper Fidelis.  Although many of them are now gone -- the rest in the twilight of their years -- it is fitting that this website be dedicated with the hope they will be forever remembered for their faithful and honorable service.

World War II Style Marine Corps Emblem

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