Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen
October 1, 1943 - November 21, 1945
VMB-613 Insignia


The following table provides a list of Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen's aircrews:

Billet Name Rank


Amber, Eugene L. First Lieutenant


Spicer, Richard G. First Lieutenant


Alexander, Clifford P. Technical Sergeant


Bott, Edward R. Sergeant


Penman, Robert W. Corporal

Mechanic-Turret Gunner

Cannato, Charles N. Sergeant

Armorer-Turret Gunner

Schmidt, William J. Sergeant
Pilot Hancock, William R. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Davis Jr., Allan T. First Lieutenant
Navigator Black Jr., William A. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Grant, Robert R. Staff Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Badour, Lawrence H. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Bohannon, Thomas T. Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Smith, Albert J. Sergeant
Pilot Newton, Richard D. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Spaulding, John A. First Lieutenant
Navigator Julich, Clarence J. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Nielsen, Russell C. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Conlisk, William F. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Anderson, Homer J. Staff Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Snyder Jr., Philip E. Sergeant
Pilot Glenn, Richard T. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Klingeman, Carl M. Second Lieutenant
Navigator Meadows Jr., Edward B. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Nelson, James M. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Timinskas, Raymond A. Corporal
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Dover, Allan B. Staff Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Kennedy Jr., Charles E. Staff Sergeant
Pilot McMillin, Walter T. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Meschke, Raymond W. First Lieutenant
Navigator Lakatos, John S. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Miller, Eugene R. Staff Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Gamble, James E. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Mikolajczyk, Charles J. Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Cudworth, Thomas F. Sergeant
Pilot Riblet, John "R" First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Thomas, James F. First Lieutenant
Navigator Suther Jr., Marshall E. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Ford, William B. Staff Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Fuchs, Harold O. Sergeant 
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Adkins, Theodore E. Private First Class
Armorer-Turret Gunner Grice, Robert G. Sergeant
Pilot Love, William J. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Stone, Thomas W. First Lieutenant
Navigator Schwaller, John R. Staff Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Baumbach, Leland E. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Becker, John A. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Haddix, Frank Corporal
Armorer-Turret Gunner Pyrch, Theodore H. Sergeant
Aerial Photographer Snider, David Sergeant

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