Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen
October 1, 1943 - November 21, 1945
VMB-613 Insignia


The following table provides a list of Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen's aircrews:

Billet Name Rank


Calder Jr., Louis First Lieutenant


Haroldson, Carl O.H. Second Lieutenant


Rosenblatt, David Technical Sergeant


Polakowski, Robert E. Staff Sergeant


Beale, Edwin W. Sergeant

Mechanic-Turret Gunner

Raugh Jr., Howard H. Corporal

Armorer-Turret Gunner

Lowry, Dory G. Sergeant
Pilot Smith Leland R. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Beggs, Vernon H. First Lieutenant
Navigator Meier, William E. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Waldowski, Joseph J. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Payne Sr., Philip D. Corporal
Radio-Gunner Ellison, Carl R. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Gilman, George W. Staff Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Kowalski, Theodore L. Staff Sergeant
Pilot Ligon, Robert S. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Malone, Crawford B. Second Lieutenant
Navigator Woods, James L. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Crotty, Norman A. Staff Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Yaeger, Thomas B. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Hull, Kenneth A. Staff Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Folk, Herbert R. Staff Sergeant
Pilot Brotherton II, James First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Cooper, Andrew J. First Lieutenant
Navigator Zapka, Fred Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Rongstad, Charles J. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Brown Jr., Walter A. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Milhousen, James L. Corporal
Armorer-Turret Gunner Rice, Charles E. Master Technical Sergeant
Pilot Feid, Gordon I. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Padach Jr., John First Lieutenant
Navigator Montgomery, James H. Private First Class
Radio-Gunner Haggerty, William T. Staff Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Mays, Leroy E. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Russell, Calvin R. Staff Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Lowery, Lee J. Sergeant
Pilot Hunt, Ernest L. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Griffith Harold D. Second Lieutenant
Navigator Farley, William M. Private
Radio-Gunner Yakawich, Joe J. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Lahart, Thomas J. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Taft, Donald R. Staff Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Beeler, Earl F. Sergeant
Pilot Jackson, Robert W. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Saving, John E. Second Lieutenant
Navigator Whalen, Joseph M. First Lieutenant
Radio-Gunner Laposkey, Donald J. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Linetty, Charles J. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Pietrovich, Adam B. Technical Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Mazza, Peter A. Sergeant

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