Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen
October 1, 1943 - November 21, 1945
VMB-613 Insignia


The following table provides a list of Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen's aircrews:

Billet Name Rank


Cunningham Jr., James A. First Lieutenant


Kline, Robert J. First Lieutenant


Barber, William N. First Lieutenant


DeMint, Francis K. Sergeant


Lewis, James C. Staff Sergeant

Mechanic-Turret Gunner

Ritter, Warren D. Sergeant

Armorer-Turret Gunner

Beahm, Kenneth E. Sergeant
Pilot Feakins, Paul H. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Varner, Allan S. First Lieutenant
Navigator Monteith Jr., Frank W. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Marx, Robert L. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner York, Eric K. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Kreig, Edward J. Staff Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Napier, Muriel D. Sergeant
Pilot Rogers, Edward A. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Noble, Oran W. Second Lieutenant
Navigator Kos, Frank J. Private First Class
Radio-Gunner Cherry, Robert E.P. Staff Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Peterson, Eugene A. Technical Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Blaso, Anthony D. Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Lynch, Jerome B. Sergeant
Pilot Bennett, Ross K. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Mileson, Donald F. First Lieutenant
Navigator Morrell, David A. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Clow, William R. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Alderman, Darrel W. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Barnes, Harold E. Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Przybylowski, John P. Sergeant
Pilot Allen, George L.F. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Simmons, Albert W. First Lieutenant
Navigator Erickson, Clayton R. First Lieutenant
Radio-Gunner Robinson, Lester Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Cullom, James H. Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Riggle, Richard S. Staff Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Kingen, Charles R. Sergeant
Pilot Barton, Jack M. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Litzau, Robert F. First Lieutenant
Navigator McDearmon Jr., George G. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Evans, Jr., Alva A. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Januszewski, Edward A. Staff Sergeant
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Walker, Earle E. Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Broll Jr., William R. Sergeant
Pilot Twohy, William H. First Lieutenant
Co-Pilot Parks, Olin L. First Lieutenant
Navigator Magee, Luther H. Technical Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Gutshall, Gerald J. Sergeant
Radio-Gunner Longo, Joseph M. Private First Class
Mechanic-Turret Gunner Brosius, Louis J. Staff Sergeant
Armorer-Turret Gunner Grzeskowiak, Frederick M. Staff Sergeant

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